Sigma Software v.2.33.06 Çıktı!

SigmaKey Dongle ve Box seçenekleriyle mevcuttur!
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Sigma Software v.2.33.06 Çıktı!

Mesaj gönderen germanboys » Sal Eyl 10, 2019 12:24 am

Sigma Software v.2.33.06 Qcom Tab:
  1. Released Autodetect feature for supported Qcom based devices.
    What was changed in Remove FRP operation:
    • It's optimized and automated: FRP Remove feature procedure greatly improved
    • It's smarter - Sigma automatically detects phone model and sends correct bootloader to it
    • It's faster - no need to select phone brand and model from the list before connecting each new model
    How to: Select "EDL -> Autodetect" in the drop-down list on the right.
  2. Released FRP remove feature for:
    • OPPO A53
    • OPPO A57
    • OPPO R9s
    • OPPO R9s Plus
Android ADB Tab:
New MTK smartphones in the list:
  • Advance Prime PR5844 (MT6582)
  • Blu A190p Advance A6 (MT6580)
  • Blu Life play L100a (MT6589)
  • MobiWire Doli 2 (MT6572)
  • Nokia 1 Plus (MT6739)
  • Wiko Herry 2 (MT6739)
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